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is a young company specialized in multimedia, film and video art. The young video artists and filmmakers produce film, documentaries and trailers. Furthermore they organize multimedia festivals and workshops and they design video set ups in collaboration with national and international theatres. Their artistic career has made it possible to expand their experience in countries like Denmark, India, Iran, Brazil, and Argentina. Stefano Di Buduo is the director of the company.



è una un’associazione giovanile specializzata nel settore multimediale, cinematografico e della video arte. L’associazione è composta da giovani video artisti e filmmaker impegnati prevalentemente in produzioni filmiche, documentaristiche e di trailer. Inoltre organizzano festival e laboratori multimediali e realizzano scenografie digitali in collaborazione con teatri nazionali ed internazionali. Questo percorso artistico ha condotto l’associazione ad ampliare la propria esperienza professionale in Germania, Danimarca, India, Iran, Brasile e Argentina.


L’associazione Aesop Studio produce ha realizzato e continua a realizzare tutte le installazioni digitali dello spettacolo site specific “Le Città Invisibili” del Teatro Potlatch (Italia), progetto di grande rilevanza internazionale, prodotto in più di 60 paesi del mondo. Nel 2011 l’Aesop Studio ha realizzato il documentario per la fondazione “Opera campana dei caduti” di Rovereto, documento filmico con la ricostruzione storica della simbolica campana della pace di Rovereto, benedetta da Papa Paolo VI. Nello stesso anno Stefano Di Buduo, presidente dell’ associazione, ha progettato la videografia per lo spettacolo teatrale “Metamorfosi” di Ovidio Nils Gredeby, con la regia di Julia Mayr per il teatro comunale di Ingolstadt (Germania). Nel 2012 ha prodotto la videografia di “Heim.Spiel.Essen”, produzione teatrale con la regia di Tom Gerber per il teatro statale di Essen (Germania). Nello stesso anno, l’Aesop Studio ha prodotto e realizzato il documentario “35 anni – Vita e Teatro”, in occasione del 35° anniversario della fondazione del Teatro Potlach. Sempre nel 2012 il teatro della città di Ingolstadt, ha debuttato con la produzione teatrale di “La regina delle nevi”, diretta da Knut Weber, per la quale l’Aesop Studio ha progettato e realizzato l’intera scenografia digitale. Inoltre nel 2012 l’associazione ha coprodotto, ripreso e montato il cortometraggio “Romeo e Giulietta” con la partecipazione di 14 bambini (dagli 8 ai 12 anni) dell’associazione “Il Mondo è mio”. Per la commedia musicale “Musicophilia”, che nel novembre del 2012 ha debuttato a Monaco di Baviera, l’Aesop Studio ha generato i video scenografici audio reattivi. L’associazione Aesop Studio ha sede a Fara in Sabina.



STEFANO DI BUDUO | founder and president |

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Stefano Di Buduo was born in Rome in 1985. After graduating from high school in Giessen (Germany), he studied from 2005-2009 “Arts and Sciences of the Digital Performance” at the “La Sapienza” university in Rome. Degree achieved with highest grades (110 cum laude). Diploma thesis in: Applications of the New Digital Tecnologies in the Performance – Heiner Goebbels, Eraritjaritjaka.


In 2008 he founded the film company Aesop Studio, which is specialized in multimedia, movie and video art. The video artists and photographers of Aesop Studio work for international theaters and film productions, they produce documentary films and trailers, and organize multimedia festivals and workshops. Their artistic activities have already led them to Denmark, Brazil and Argentina. Among other projects, in 2008, they have been working as multimedia artists within an urban space project of Teatro Potlatch at the State Theatre in Karlsruhe (Germany) as part of the “Europe Days”, with the theme “Rome”. In 2011 Stefano Di Buduo designed the videography for Metamorphoses of Ovid by Nils Gredeby at the theatre of Ingolstadt (Germany) and in 2012 he was made the videos for the play Heim.Spiel.Essen at the Schauspiel Essen (Germany) . Aesop Studio have their studios in Fara Sabina, a village 40 km away from Rome.


MOMCHIL ALEXIEV | co-founder and vice president


Bachelor Degree in “Arts and Sciences of the Digital Performance” from “La Sapienza” university in Rome. Thesis work: “Space and Video in the scenography for the performance “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea” by Teatro Potlach. Five years of experience as a freelance cinematographer on film, documentaries, commercials and television production. I am also a scenographer for theatre productions and creator of multimedia performances and installations. The broad range of activities and experience allows me to bring skills learned in one area to another and to explore the merging of mediums as is the case with video production techniques being applied to video scenography.


ANDREA ADRIANI | collaborator


Andrea was born in Foligno in 1985. He graduated after 4 years of studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome as set designer. Since 2009 he has been working with Teatro Potlach and Aesop Studio as multimedia set designer and as communication manager. Eversince he has been developing his special skills such as painting, drawing, photography, editing and filming. Computer Graphics: Cinema 4D, Real Flow, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, Modul8, Isadora, Capture One.


ROBERTA GENTILI | collaborator


Roberta graduated in Sociology – Communication and media discussing “The representation of death in the art. The sublime Arnold Böklin between music and literature” at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Subsequently she collaborated with the National Museum of Oriental Art G. Tucci in the organization and press office. Engaged in research of figurative art (painting and illustration) and design (décorscene), during her artistic career she creates illustrations for the advertising campaign Coppertone Italia, for small publishers (GE Yearbook Guide all’Emittenza,Thesan & Turan, Artegrafica , Tau Publishing, Nicodemus Editions, EditionsGribaudi) and promotional posters for theaters (Theatre Independent Dynamis). To highlight is her participation in 2002 as an assistant painter-decorator for the film Pontormo. “A heretic Love” directed by G. Fago, the exhibition of paintings at the gallery in Rome Canvas The collective “What happened to the BaronessVon Essenback?” received special mention of “The Century of Italy”, heading “Appointments with art” that brings the signature of the critic Renato Civello.



Via S. Maria in Castello 10
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