maiden – trailer

Giuseppe Bonifati, director of the company “Divano Orientale Occidentale” asked Aesop Studio to produce the trailer of his theatre play “Maiden in Costa Rica”.


dramaturgy and direction: Giuseppe L. Bonifati

translation: Zingonia Zingone

actors: Alberto Martinez Guinaldo, Paula Sancho Fernandez

lights & sound: Giuseppe L. Bonifati

producer; Marielos Fonseca (TPMS) & Divano Occidentale Orientale

footage: Esteban Chinchilla

editing: Stefano Di Buduo (AESOP Studio)

a co-production by Divano Occidentale Orientale/Teatro Popular Melico Salazar/Ministry of Culture and Youth (Costa Rica) / FIA International Festival of Arts 2012, with the support of Italian Embassy in San Josè & CNT (National Company Theatre) , TNT (National Theatre Workshop) and under the patronage of IILA (Latin American Institute in Italy)